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Ann Fry

It all started back in the day. I was born in Miami, FL and raised by a single Mom (Dad left when I was about 4) and my younger brother and I sort of raised ourselves. I left Miami at age 24, moved to Japan to teach American kids on an Army base for two years, then moved to Chicago to go to graduate school. Got married and had a kid. Ultimately, we moved to Austin, TX in 1985. In 2006, after my divorce, I sold everything and moved to NYC for a new adventure (actually a lifelong dream to live in the big Apple.) In 2015, I returned to Austin and am expecting this will be where I stay.

My Mother said I came out of the womb … talking. I suppose I have a lot to say. Some might say I never shut up. But, my clients, they get to talk and I listen. When it’s my turn to talk to them, they listen.

"I'm a mother, grandmother, sister, aunt, animal lover, activist (especially for Cancer), friend, entrepreneur..."

I like to see myself as a bold, courageous, resilient woman. I’m a Mother, was a wife (for 25 years) now divorced, a sister, an aunt, an animal lover, an activist for things I believe in, a great friend, and an entrepreneur. I’ve been self-employed for 30 years. I’m amazed at that.  Most importantly, I have a huge heart and commitment to people being the best they can be.

I call myself a Catalyst for Change and ReInvention. I’ve been somewhat of a maverick forever. I tried the “traditional” way for many years. I was a special education teacher, then I was a psychotherapist, which gave me a foundational understanding of the operational systems of organizations. Then, I was a healthcare administrator. Through all those years, I developed a sense of humor (I had to, believe me.) Then, I transported my sense of humor and my  knowledge into the world of speaking and coaching. I started a company called Humor University — bringing FUN solutions to serious problems in the workplace. Although I’ve changed the message or the language over the years, I have, for the last 20 years, been an executive leadership coach, corporate trainer and professional speaker, specializing in ReGeneration / ReInvention in life and at work… and most recently on Thriving During and After Cancer. I also train executives on how to navigate cancer and serious illness in the workplace — something truly needed.

"...a happy employee is a productive employee."

At WORK, I am committed to workplace cultures being happy, workable places and believe that in the workplace, “a happy employee is a productive employee.” Within the company, I see myself as an advocate for the employees… I think companies should be “employee centric.” Hint to companies: If you take care of your employees, then they, in turn, will take care of your customers. I have worked with corporations of all sizes, from 100,000 employees to less than 100. I primarily coach and develop leaders and provide training and facilitation when needed. My focus: Turning managers into leaders AND training them on the need to take care of those among them with cancer and serious illness.

IN LIFE, I am committed to people doing work that is fulfilling and to them having lives that they are passionate about.. I help them take the bold steps needed to be who they are meant to be.

One last thing:  In 2009, I was diagnosed and treated for Breast Cancer. I am now 7 years in remission and thriving. I work well with high level leaders dealing with their own illness or that of a loved one.

I always see life as a journey, destination unknown. I love to hang out on the skinny branches, take some risks, be a bit “sassy” and outrageous. I am who I am. I encourage my clients to find themselves and be that person they are capable of being.

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