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Personal Transition Coaching

Helping you be the leader of your life.

Make a Bold Change

When you want to make a BOLD change and ReInvent.

Rest and Recover

When you’re recovering from a serious illness and see it as an opportunity to
create a more purposeful life.

Become the Best Version of You

When it’s time to be your very best!

Ann's Reinvention Workbook

7.5 Steps to Transcend the Status Quo!

Professional Speaking

Sample topics:

How to be a Catalyst for Change

7 ½ Steps to Transcend the Status Quo – ReInvention and Resiliency

How to be an Outrageous Woman at Any Age, State or Circumstance

Adventuring Through Cancer and Thriving After

Books Available Through Amazon

Find Ann Fry’s “Sixty, Sexy, Sassy, and Free” and “Laughing Matters: The Value of Humor in the Workplace” for sale on Amazon.com.

Sixty, Sexy, Sassy, and Free

A real-life story of a woman, who divorces at 56, then at age 60, sells everything and moves from Austin, TX to New York City. It’s funny, engaging and covers, starting over, sex, reinvention and adjusting to the Big Apple.

Laughing Matters: The Value of Humor in the Workplace

Why is it important to have humor in the workplace? Learn what is appropriate humor, how to develop it, and how it is helpful in combating issues like anger, stress and unworkable teams.

Workplace Cancer Coaching

Helping organizations help employees and managers who are challenged with serious illness in the workplace.

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