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Your Company is Only as Good As It Is Known For Treating It’s Employees!

Your company is only as good as the reputation it holds in the community/ world.“Really,” you might ask. “Our gross income is ____ and we are very successful,” you say. I say, “you’re only as successful as your caring for your people!” And, by the way, how are your turn over and retention numbers? As...
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The Challenge, The Muck, The Generating, The Struggle …. and then … The Beauty, The Excitement, The New Beginnings

I have been known for many years as a “ReInvention” person. People have come to me to help them figure out what’s next for them. They may be bored, they may want to quit their jobs and do something else, they might want to retire and work for themselves, they may be newly divorced or...
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But … Do You Know How to Be a Leader?

  Perhaps you’ve been working in a company for many years, and perhaps you’ve escalated to a high level in that company. Does that mean you know how to lead? Perhaps you work for yourself and have a small staff or perhaps you are building a “start up.” Does that mean you know how to...
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Whimsy and Why It's Important in Company Leadership

Whimsy and Why It’s Important in Company Leadership

According to the dictionary, here’s what whimsy means: Capricious humor or extravagant, fanciful or excessively playful expression An odd or fanciful notion A product of playful or capricious fancy. Now, these are quite redundant, but all mean the same to me: Playfulness and Fun. In one of my past iterations, I had a company called...
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Bigotry Is Alive And Well In An America I Do Not Recognize

  On my Leadership Coaching page on this website, I say that a leader is “someone who works with a team, not over a team”. In thinking about that, I mean, truly, someone who works “with” others. A leader is someone who is inclusive, open, accepting, wanting to be connected with others. Therefore, in my...
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