Why is there So Much MYSTERY about ReInvention?

Here’s the truth: People are reinventing all the time … they just don’t know it. I mean unless you have a script for every thing you say and do, you are making it up in the moment. That’s innovation or creativity .. and that’s related to reinvention.

Do you ever change your style? your hair do? Do you sometimes change your route to work? Do you change your workout? In other words, whenever you do something different, that’s reinvention.

So, why is it so scary? The simple reason: People resist change. They would rather keep doing whatever they are doing, and doing it in the same old way. They fear that what they change won’t work for them. They wonder what other people think.

Example: George is a high-level executive. He’s very easy-going, friendly, caring. Sometimes he thinks that gets in his way. He wants to be more assertive, more direct. So, George signs up for an Assertiveness training. He returns to work and is much more forthright … asking firmly for what he needs, stating his opinions unabashedly. He sort of likes it. What he doesn’t like, however, is that others around him don’t like the “new” George. He begins to have regret.

In this case .. perhaps it was too much of a rapid change; perhaps he didn’t warn people of his desire to tamper with his personality.

So, what if people take on change in a timely manner? What if you take your time moving from A to B? If you have longer hair and want to go shorter … go incrementally … medium and then short. If you’re changing your mannerisms, take it one step at a time.

Although this seems simple .. change always takes a commitment and a follow through. Once you know what you want to reinvent… go after it with gusto BUT in a timely manner. Walk those steps from Point A to Point B slowly and deliberately.

I hope this spurs some thinking for you.

Sorry to have been away from this blog so long. Nice to be back.