What Does “Employee Centric” Mean?

When people ask me to describe the work I do with corporations, I say … “I help them create employee-centric workplaces.” The simple explanation, which you see on my home page is … creating an environment where you honor your employees, where you take care of them, so they can then take care of your customers.

Let’s delve in a bit more.

Most companies, if you ask them, will tell you that they are in the business of satisfying their customers. It doesn’t really matter what type of business they are, e.g. service, retail, etc. Of course if they want to stay in business and even make a profit, customers are where it’s at. Customers (clients, patients) must purchase their service and use it and then purchase it again. Customers need to be happy with the work provided so they return over and over again.

That being said, IF the customer finds out that the company doesn’t treat their employees well, they might go someplace else … to a company that does.

Case in point. No names being said here. Think of a company … any company… that has a questionable reputation for how it treats their team. Perhaps they greatly underpay, give them poor benefits, speak to them in a not very nice way, dock them if they don’t make a sale, etc. Don’t you think word gets out about that? Don’t you think that consumers are smart enough to go elsewhere?

Next case in point: Think of a company that’s listed on the Best Places to Work list. They pay over the minimum wage, they offer a plethora of benefits to their employees, they care about their health and wellness, they offer incentives, etc. This reputation also gets out into the world.

Here’s where it’s tricky. Sometimes companies in the first category offer the most affordable costs to their customers, driving customers to return because of cost. Sometimes companies in the second category charge a bit more. But, here’s the kicker. Those customers come back too AND they tell their friends. They know the secret sauce of getting customers and that’s by treating their employees right. They “do the right thing.” I would say that they are an example of “humanity at work.”

I’d love your comments on how you’ve seen this work in your life. (Remember: Do NOT mention any companies by name, but by example.

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  1. Hi Ann – Do you know of any case studies that show that improving employee satisfaction (or a similar measure) has a casual effect to improving employee performance?

  2. Sahil

    Definitely a good read. Would want to know a bit more about the various elements that act as drivers for an employee-centric organisation. Would also love to know the impact or improvements in the organisations, where you have facilitated the creation of an employee-centric culture. Thanks.

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