New Year Assessment


Happy  New Year



New Year Assessment and Planning Instrument – 2017

(Take out a journal, carve out about an hour or so, reflect and write …

get a jump start on 2017)

 • What are you thinking as you begin this new year?

• What are your reflections about the past year? How was it?

•  What lessons did you learn this year? What served you well, or showed you a few less pleasant aspects of yourself?

•  What are your biggest challenges for the new year?

•  Where do you want to be at this time next year?

•  What have you been putting off that now needs to happen?

•  As we look at the various aspects of your life, let’s do a little inventory of each – list them all (e.g. health, fitness, work, relationships, finances, etc.) what’s working and what’s not?

•  How would you like to be better at your job?

•  If you were “the best” at what you do, what would that look like?

•  Time to “fantasize” just a bit…. What would you like to do with your one wild and crazy life? In other words – what have you always wanted to do…. But haven’t? Might it be time?

•  What are you grateful for? Make a list …

•  So, where will you start as the calendar turns to this new year? What are your first steps? What’s your direction?


Congratulations! You’re well on your way to making 2017 your best ever year!!


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